Indroducing the all new patented product brought to you exclusively by Practical Product Solutions!


Hinge Hero is the answer to eliminating squeaky door hinges easily, without the mess!


Think about it.  Those squeaky door hinges in your home, office or work place drive you crazy but you dread going through the messy process of lubricating the hinges.


Spray lubricants work well if directed into the seams of the hinges.  The problem is, the chemical overspray ends up on your doors, floors and trim...everywhere except where it needs to the seams of the hinge.


Hinge Hero solves those problems by effectively directing the lubricant into the hinge where the squeaks live without the mess.


One quick blast into the Hinge Hero and the squeak is gone!  


No More Squeaks!

No more mess!

Easy to use!

Hinge Hero

  • Hinge Hero

    Stops Squeaky Hinges Fast!

    Easy to use and eliminates the mess!

    Made of durable, chemical resistant plastic material.

    Fits most residential and light commerical door hinges.

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