Michelle G.

"Hinge Hero is one of the coolest products I've ever used. I had been putting off greasing the (many) squeaky doors in our house because it's always such a hassle - the mess! Hinge Hero is the answer. Easy to use, and no greasy mess! I bought one for my parents and they love it too!" 

Rose C.

"Our squeaky doors had become a problem in our house. I always wake up before my husband and had to be so careful opening and closing doors, just so I didn't wake him up! Enter Hinge Hero and voila! Squeaky doors no more! I wish I had this months ago! It was so simple to use and mess free. No more tip-toeing around and taking 30 seconds to close a door in the morning!"  

Paul W. from PW Home Services

"As a maintenance man or do-it-yourself home owner, this is a great tool to have! Being the owner- operator of PW Home Services, I have used this on nearly all of my jobs and every homeowner wants one as soon as they see how easy it is to use."

Tom R. from the rpM group

"Hinge Hero is a such a unique and purposeful tool that I purchased 50 of the Lubrication Kits, with a custom company label, as gifts to my real estate customers.  I have received very positive feedback from those with whom I shared it with .  A perfect product for every homeowner."

Heather D. 

"I have been looking for a product that will easily eliminate door squeaks around my historic house. No mess and super easy to use. My kids even enjoyed using it."

Steve p.

"After years of making a mess while lubricating door hinges, this eliminated that issue. Would be a great stocking stuffer. Arrived here in Washington State from Florida almost instantly."