Do squeaky door hinges drive you crazy?

You're not alone and we have the solution!


Hinge Hero is an innovative patented tool that was designed to quickly and easily silence squeaky door hinges without leaving a mess. 


Hinge Hero was designed to be used with spray lubricants, thereby directing the spray between the hinge seams while containing the overspray and eliminating the mess. 


Pulling hinge pins to stop squeaky door hinges is a time-consuming project.  Blasting hinges with spray lubricant without Hinge Hero leaves an oily, dripping mess.  Hinge Hero stops the oil from landing on doors, walls, trim and floors. 

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Patented design

Ideal for Home and Office use, New Construction, Real Estate Sales & Service and much more!

  • No more Squeaks!

  • No more Mess!

  • Easy to Use!